Proofe Electron Radiotherapy Beamlet Forming System

Advanced Medical's Proofe System was developed to streamline the preparation of sheilding block material for radiation therapy, whicle reducing environmenttal pollution. This shielding material is an alternative to lead and Lipowitz's metal. The block are used for Electron Radiotherapy Beam shaping..

1. The Proofe system eliminates comlicated programing and requires about 10 minutes to complete and can achieve an accuracy of about 0.2mm. Traditonal programs requires abhout half a day to finish and can only achieve an accuracy of about 2mm.
2. There are multiple sources of enviromental pollution with lead Block cutting releases styrene and dioxin. preparation. Melting lead release dust and lead and cadmium gas, which are toxic to people and environment. The Proofe block material is made of polymers and rare metal powder, which are produced at room temperature and are non-toxic..

System Set:
The system is comprised of a scanner and computer-controlled cutting machine and software, designed and produced by Advanced Medical.

Advantages of the Proofe system :
Non-toxic (no lead or cadmiun)

Fast (10 min)

Accurate (0.2mm)

Easy to use

Steps: 
1. Scan Radiotherapy Beamlet shape drawing.
2. Sketch the shape in cutting sofeware and specify the cut.
3. Prepare a Proofe Block in cutting machine. When machine receives an order, the machine begins to cut.

Adapters for different liner accelerator